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Fantastic and relaxing days in Sardinia

sardinia-2277633_1920Beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and a very special Italian attitude to life - travelers discover all this during a vacation on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. In the south and east of the 24,000 square kilometer island there are countless long and wide beaches. Small dreamy bays like on the Costa Smeralda provide romantic feelings and make the stay on Sardinia varied. It is also no wonder that the island's beaches are repeatedly voted among the most beautiful of their kind in the world.

Mediterranean climate all year round

Sand, water and beach activities - in Sardinia you get your money's worth in the summer. The Mediterranean climate with its hot summer, warm spring and autumn and mild winter invites you to the island all year round. Thanks to different winds, the island is also a paradise for sailors and surfers. The car ferry from the mainland regularly docks in Sardinia. However, the Mediterranean island is more convenient to reach by plane. There are airports in Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero. From Germany, various airlines depart from the airports to Sardinia. There, the traveler will always find a good parking space for his car to start the journey in a relaxed manner.

Of elephants and deep caves

These are the best conditions to spend quite unforgettable days in Sardinia. The island also has everything for those interested in history and nature. There are numerous excavations from the Bronze Age, such as in Parco del Sulcis on the southern tip of the island. The five meter high elephant rock "Roccia dell'elefante" is also a great attraction as well as the magical red rocks of Arbatax. In addition, there are 33 smaller and larger natural parks. The flora and fauna of Sardinia is very rich in species. There are thousands of rare animal and plant species. Also a guided tour in one of the many cave systems like the Grotta del Bue Marino or the Grotta di Nettuno are an unforgettable experience in Sardinia.

Italian lifestyle and culinary delights

Of course, Italian lifestyle must not be missing on the island. Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda is a typical Sardinian resort that visitors fall in love with immediately. But also the larger towns like Olbia or the island's capital Cagliari exude the typical dolce vita. In the towns and villages, the alleys enchant with numerous small stores and restaurants. There, the famous Sardinian dishes such as the cheese Pecorino or the delicious pasta Culurgionis are served. Sardinia is also known for its strong red wines.

Sardinia has everything

Wonderful nature, numerous activities on the beach and sea, as well as lots of culture, history and culinary delights - a vacation in Sardinia is a unique experience. Cheap accommodation is possible here thanks to numerous offers for solo travelers, couples and families. The vacation by plane starts quite relaxed, because you can park your car cheaply near the airport.


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